About us

Our collection

A collection with the aim of preserving and spreading the greatness of our finest art.

The Museu da Música Brasileira is a space for the dissemination and memory of the richness and diversity of Brazilian music in the heart of the historic center of Salvador in Bahia, a region that is one of the pillars of Brazilian musicl.

Our main sponsor

Our collection has been preserved and sponsored by midialouca, a company that has been operating in the Bahian cultural scene since 2003.

Where are we


This collection was opened to public visitation In 2006 through the exhibition "Caymmi, inventor of Bahia" (which was brought to the attention of Dorival Caymmi himself, who lovingly kept the poster of our exhibition among his concert posters, as presented here ). In 2007 we moved temporarily to a house in Terreiro de Jesus and started to use the name Museu da Música Brasileira. In 2009, we were invited by the then Secretary of Culture Márcio Meirelles, and Frederico Mendonça, IPAC director, to bring this exhibition to rua das Laranjeiras, 28, where we are so far.