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This exhibition, quite complete, of the work of the genius singer and composer from Bahia, intends to show his dialogue with the Bahian imagination, the move to Rio de Janeiro, the influence on Carmen Miranda's career and her move to Hollywood, Caymmi as a precursor of Bossa Nova and later as an influence on all Brazilian music, the developments beyond the borders of Brazil, and also his work as a visual artist.

Some highlighted items in this section, illustrated here, are: Oil painting on eucatex; manuscript about Ary Barroso where Caymmi speaks about Carmen Miranda telling him about Ary talking about the creation of Aquarela do Brasil; the original 1942 program of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, of Joujoux et Balangandans, a benefit show promoted by the first lady Darcy, wife of Getúlio Vargas, for which Caymmi collaborated with the song O Mar; the collection of all his phonograms, on several rare discs, highlighting the most comprehensive discography on 78 RPM discs; or the film Wild Pack, an American production of 1971 based on Capitães de Areia, by Jorge Amado, in which Dorival Caymmi also acts.

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